Client Research

Don’t have the time, or desire to research, but you really want to know? Hire me to research for you and I’ll provide a detailed report of my findings.

DIY Research

Are you stuck and need advice on next steps? Do you need direction on how to get started? Hire me to review your research questions and progress. I’ll guide you into developing a research plan.

Took a DNA test and don’t understand your results?  I’ll review your DNA results and teach you how to interpret them.

Need a Presenter?

Need a trainer or speaker knowledgeable on topics involving genetic genealogy, oral history, or African American Genealogy?  


"Get Rooted"

Looking to educate yourself on all things genealogy? “Get Rooted” in a monthly membership that will provide webinars designed to enhance your knowledge and develop your research skills.  

Receive one FREE hour of consultation or client research if your membership is active for 6 consecutive months.

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